Brief Description:

An app that links the incredible green technologies of the Start Up Nation into an affordable single family Start Up Farm in Africa.


Team members + your skills+ linkedin profiles

Karin Kloosterman , business development, writing, journalism, marketing, blogging  

Roee Yudilevtich, C++/Javascript developer, start-up entrepreneur

Yael Rubel, freelance LAMP developer

Andi Broffman, environment, climate change, cleantech


We are talking about consolidating Start Up Farm with the Aquaponics team - as they have a great line of up developers we can merge with, as well as novice "farmers" on board. Same idea - taking a Start Up Farm kit (in this case an aquaponics unit built by the Start Up Nation - it could be any great innovation from Israel including a farm kit with solar panel and water purifier for land-based farming) and developing a system to market and sell it to farmers directly, with a donor element installed in the app.

The aquaponics team also plan on developing an app based system to monitor nutrients and key elements of the growing cycle, something that would add-on well the Start Up Farm ecosystem. Start Up Farm is a huge idea that needs to be tackled in bites. We want to build something realistic in 36 hours, something that we can run and test. I hope all are in favor. 

Donors could get matched to individual farmer in Africa and instead of giving one lump sum, the money goes to a pool to cover the farmer's loan - micro-financing. The farmer pays via his cell phone in installments he can afford meanwhile, and as his business grows he fully pays back the "loan". Donor capital stays in the system and circulates to allow new farmers to join the link. 

We can develop any number of Start Up Farm kits, but should stay simple

1. Start Up Farm base kit - a solar and water kit, security monitor, with land purchase agreement

2. Start Up Farm Fish fish farm kit, with top of the line Israeli clean tech

3. Start Up Farm Aqua aquaponics kit, an wholistic solution for fresh produce and fish protein

Information/data required

Wanted: (Expertise/team members still required)


Consulting, experienced in African markets, banking, financing, mobile

Solar energy engineers

Security software people

Clean tech companies involved in any of the above


Feel free to add you own...