Introduction Edit

Apartheid. ANC government, gold mining, corruption, AIDS and TB epidemics. Rape. Capital- it's complicated. Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Population - 53 million (79% Black, 8.9% White, 8.9% Coloured, 2.5% Indian/Asian, 0.5% other) Currency- South African Rand (ZAR, R). 1NIS =+- R2.77

Since the ANC has been in power, many in South Africa have taken an anti-Israel position that has lead to events like this: israeli pianist performance disrupted

Cellphone Networks - prepaidEdit

CellC    MTN   Vodacom published a comparison of the rates network pricing shootout

The following table provides an overview of how the operator’s pre-paid mobile prices compare.

Prepaid plan On-net Off-net (other networks) Data (per MB) SMS
Telkom Mobile SIM-Sonke R0.29 R0.75 R0.29 R0.29
Cell C 99c for Real R0.99 R0.99 R0.99 R0.50
Vodacom Anytime per second R1.20 R1.20 R2.00 R0.50
MTN One Rate R1.20 R1.20 R2.00 R0.50

Cellphone Networks- technological capabilitiesEdit

What speeds are available in what places

Mobile phone penetration statistics Edit

Place penetration stats here. No links- no trust. If you've done an observation study, awesome.... Just remember to say location, date, time with the stats.

We want to know what platform gives us the best chance of a hit product.

  • SA is ranked 5th in World for mobile data usage (1st is Russia, 7th is USA!)
  • 30% of mobile users in SA are active on facebook via their phones (200 million globally)
  • 50% of SA facebook users access it via mobile
  • In 2009 there were 2.8 billion please call me’s (USSD)
  • There are more mobile phones in SA than Taxis+TV’s+Radios combined
  • More active sim cards than citizens (Different operators sim cards are used at different times of the day depending on call/text/data cost)
  • Mxit gets 40,000 new users per day globally
  • 3 tiers of mobile internet access locally (approx figures): 3 mill have full web access, 11 mill through apps (Mxit, email etc), 13 mill through WAP