CLAC is a network of agricultural smallholder organizations across Latin America and the Caribbean; it is structured through National Coordinating Networks, which are composed of Agricultural Producer Organizations of a range of different products (coffee, cocoa, sugar, bananas and other fresh fruits, juices, other grains, dried fruits, herbs and infusions and teas, etc.).  In order to do a good job of representation and advocacy for all these organizations, CLAC needs to be able to gather in the first place up to date data on its member organizations.

It currently has developed a database system online to gather this information, but some organizations have difficulties to work directly online in this system to update their own information, or they are located in areas where there are no or weak internet connections. CLAC has staff on the ground that is currently collecting this information in writing to upload this in a later stage in the database system online, but what we would really like to do is to work with cellular phones that could capture this information and automatically upload the information into the database system online, whenever they are in an area with Internet connection.


Avri Bar Zur International Development Professional 
Amanda Novello Business Development
Adi Cohen project manager
Ella Dotan UI UX Expert
Ben Lewis International Development Professional 
Hans-Peter Huber Business Development
Eliana International Development Professional 

Potential Technological Solution          

ANDROID application that allows us to capture data on member organizations offline and take photos and be able to upload this information onto the database system automatically, whenever possible.

Any Technical, Sociological or Contextual Considerations         

• The APP should work on the simplest cell-phones possible, as we have a low budget for this.

• Also, it should be possible to capture data off-line and upload it to the server in a different moment, as some producer organizations are located in areas where internet connections are not available or not very stable.

• The APP should be very user-friendly, as used by technical staff on the ground, that in some cases have limited experience with technology.

• The APP should be able to link into the current database developed for CLAC, as we have no financial resources to create a new database.

About Your Organisation           

CLAC is a network that represents organizations of democratically organized small producers in Latin America and the Caribbean, aimed towards the strengthening and development of grassroots organizations. CLAC provides assistance to its associates, promotes its products and values, and carries out advocacy before social, political, and economic organizations within the framework of Fair Trade. Our values that guide us are: Democracy and participation, Solidarity, Equality, Respect, Transparency and Responsibility.

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