A learning management system which is administered in the country could give the different universities a huge opportunity to implement e-learning solutions. The system should be able to facilitate both generic administrative functions and educational management processes. Administrative functions should include generic management function while for the educational management it should facilitate sending and receiving of assignments and reading materials. There could also be facilities for a wall and chat, for the registration of students and staff etc. It should also facilitate the easy submission and marking of book chapters.


Jan Ženíšek Project manager, Developer
Hans-Peter Huber Business Development
Shoham Nicolet

Product manager, EdTech

Information/data required

Zimbabwe still lags behind significantly Many universities are at pains to get access to a reliable Learning Management Systems. Most of the systems that they get are sourced from places which often do not have support staff for the software. Frequently, they have to hire expensive specialists who now come and charge huge sums of money and sometimes executives end up cutting off funding to ICT because of these complications which often get automation project grounded.

Wanted: (Expertise/team members still required)


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