To develop the technology to allow poor people with limited internet access (or access to library) and basic technologies the ability to listen to or download e-books, lectures and other educational activities.


Bar Pereg Business Development
Nirit Tayas Zamir Business Development
Abdou GAYE Developer
roi Business Development
Nissimmi Naim Naor Business Development
Natali Asher UI UX Expert
Eyal Feder basic level developer, experienced content/business development
Yigal Weinberger Developer
Hans-Peter Huber Business Development
Shoham Nicolet

Product manager, EdTech

Potential Solution


In the developed world education by no ways ends in the classroom, from podcasts that can be listened to on the way to work, to online learning courses in almost any field.

Information / Data required

How Mobile Learning Works Article:

“M-learning can be called that form of learning where there is no requirement for the learner to be stationary at a predetermined location. The advantages of various mobile technologies come into play here as the learning methodology focuses on the mobility of the learner and his interaction with portable devices such as smartphones, MP3 players, tablets and other smart devices. Online learning when combined with the power of mobile devices give rise to M-learning.”

Mobile Learning Report Card

The biggest issue right now is bandwidth. Networks just simply can’t keep up with the growth of mobile learning

Wanted: (Expertise/team members still required)

Someone with mimimal programming skills.