The app is a platform for villages to post money / items online they want  in exchange for a traveler being hosted there.  In addition, in these villages will also be a trading post where travelers can leave or trade  equipment. There will be a platform for travelers to post advice on how to get there and general feedback.


Barter App
Ben Lewis International Development Professional 
Jan Ženíšek Project manager, Developer
Jinghao Lu Business Development
Eliezer Steinbock Developer
Roi Ariel Ecotourism Professional
Tamar Apper Designer, Entrepreneur

Technological/Sociological Considerations:Edit

1- Travelers usually hang out with other travelers. They do not mingle very much with the local culture, if they do it is at a show or at the marketplace.  But they don't really get to know individuals and cultures.

2- Backpackers like to carry as little as possible. When you are traveling a long time you  need to get rid of some things and buy new things. 

3- One of Africa's natural resources is tourism. And it is everywhere and very expensive. But the locals get very little benefit from this. Foreigners own these companies and keep the profits.

4-  Many villages are in need of items that westerners would throw away, such as old electronics, clothing, batteries.

About the Organisation:Edit

We are a social business enabling economic development in villages in Zimbabwe through creating a platform for craftsmen to sell their products online to worldwide consumers. Check us out on

Wanted: DevelopersEdit