Aquaponics is an ancient food production method that combines aquaculture with hydroponics that regain its popularity in the last few years. (ref. 1)

Aquaponics brings us a lot of advantages with respect to the convetional agriculture methods.

On one hand it give us: (ref. 2)

  • Significant water saving
  • High utilization of farmland
  • High quality organic yield

on the other hand, Aquaponics, especially in large / commercial scale, requires in-depth knowledge in various fields which probably prevents farmers and communities to adopt it.

Technological briefEdit

The technological goal is to make the Aquaponics knowledge more accessible for the common layman to effectively plan an Aquaponics system, monitor & log its progress & recieve relevant advices on how to operate and mantain it over the time.

The app will offer the following features in its first phase (Cleanweb Hackaton):

  • Aquaponics system planner using pre-defined formulas. (ref. 3)
  • Daily water chemistry cycle parameters logger. (ref. 4)
  • Advisory module that will analyze the daily parametrs input and output relevant advices

Technological constraintsEdit

As the app is designed for emerging markets, we are required to use a technology that will allow us to address the widest possible audience with the lowest possible operational costs.

We must utilize cross-platform, open web techonologies for the app frontface, and for the backend development as well, so in the future we will have the possibility to merge frontend & backend to support areas without internet connections.

for the HackatonEdit

To allow each developer to use its prefferable enviroment, we need an open-source cross platform development technology.

Selected technologyEdit

The most suitable techonlogy that meets our constraints as I see it is:

  • Node.JS for backend development
  • MongoDB for our Database
  • HTML4 that can be rendered in older versions of Gecko(Nokia Asha Platform) & Webkit browsers
  • Full stack (JS) will allow us more easily build an offline version

Anyway i would love to hear more ideas

Team membersEdit

  • Daniel Jaffe - Entrepreneur, senior sw developer and amateur aquaponics farmer
  • Frank Bolton - Engineer, Hacker
  • Moti Cohen - Water and food security Consultant @ Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO)
  • Ben Lewis - International Development Professional 
  • Jeremy Rutman - Developer


Makers who believe in open source software & open source ecology

and to be more specific:

  • Web developers
  • Aquaponics experts
  • Web UX / Designers
  • Branding specialist
  • ... 


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